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JHC Staff

Central Office Staff  Ph: 517.787.9241   Fax: 517.787.6143

Laurie Ingram, Executive Director,

Katie Anderson, Assistant Director,

Anita Kelley, Administrative Assistant,

Deborah Davis, Human Resource Director,

Kathy Winklepleck, Accounts Payable Specialist,

Lynne Smereka, Accounts Receivable Specialist,

Aric Brand, Receptionist,

Anthony Gittens, Case Management Supervisor & Community Events Coordinator,

Tracy Jo Sutliff, Case Manager,

Daveda Quinn, Case Manager,

Rodney McMiller, Case Manager,

Dustin Williams, Security Supervisor,

Peggy Dunstan, Security Guard

Kyle Oyarvide, Security Guard

Section 8 Department  Ph: 517.787.6326   Fax: 517.787.3255


Shari Boyce, Section 8 Director,

Catherine Greer-Hayworth, Housing Specialist,

Anne-Marie Cunningham, Housing Specialist,

Chalet Terrace Staff  Ph: 517.787.1850   Fax: 517.787.5860

Jannaa Pool, Housing Manager,

Capricia Breedlove, Housing Specialist,

Reed Manor Staff  Ph: 517.787.1188   Fax: 517.784.9454

Rochelle Hatcher, Housing Manager,

Tim Pryor, Housing Specialist,

Kim Moore, Public Housing Aide,

Shahan Blackstone North Ph: 517.787.0218  Fax: 517.787-9320

Lorrin Murray, Property Manager,

Shannon Davis, Housing Specialist,

Maintenance & Housekeeping


Joseph Arnold, Maintenance Supervisor

Gary Cram, Maintenance Assistant Supervisor

Barbara Hunt, Housekeeping Supervisor

Gerald Trayer, Maintenance Worker

Jon Kendrick, Maintenance Worker

Tyler Paraschak, Maintenance Worker

Daniel Lolley, Maintenance Worker

Marc McCarty, Maintenance Worker

Melissa Canter, Housekeeping & Unit Turn Worker

Olivia Wentz, Housekeeping Worker

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