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JHC Staff

Central Office Staff  Ph: 517.787.9241   Fax: 517.787.6143

Arturo Puckerin Executive Director CEO/President:

Deborah Davis, Human Resource Director:

Kathy Winklepleck, Accounts Payable:

Lynne Smereka, Accounts Receivable:

Kim Moore, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant:

Dustin Williams, Security Supervisor:

Kyle Oyarvide: Security Guard

Michael Brininstool:  Security Guard

Section 8 Department  Ph: 517.787.6326   Fax: 517.787.3255



Shari Boyce, Section 8 Director

Anne-Marie Cunningham, Housing Specialist:

Chalet Terrace Staff  Ph: 517.787.1850   Fax: 517.787.5860

Jannaa Pool, Property Manager:

Reed Manor Staff  Ph: 517.787.1188   Fax: 517.784.9454

Rochelle Hatcher, Property Manager:

Shahan Blackstone North Ph: 517.787.0218  Fax: 517.787-8320


Lorrin Murray, Property Manager:

Maintenance & Housekeeping


Joseph Arnold, Maintenance Supervisor:

Barbara Hunt, Housekeeping Supervisor:

Daniel Lolley, Maintenance Technician

Robert Sumner, Maintenance Worker 

Scott Godwin, Maintenance Technician

Paul Noland, Maintenance Worker

Bobby Cawthon, Maintenance Worker

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