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Download Public Housing Application Here

JHC manages and operates Chalet Terrace, Reed Manor, Shahan Blackstone North developments, and various scattered sites for a total of 543 public housing units in the City of Jackson.  JHC provides housing to approximately 1,000 people and 525 families in public housing. 

Applications for public housing are accepted Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM until 4:00PM  at the JHC Administration Office located at  301 Steward Avenue, Bldg. C, Jackson, MI 49201.Upon receipt of your application, you are placed on a waiting list. Applicants are encouraged to regularly check their status on the waiting list by calling Anita Kelley at (517)990-3661.  

When you are next in line, the Public Housing Office will contact you to make an appointment to complete your application. At this time you will be required to submit documents for all members of your household. These documents will include, but is not limited to, birth certificates, social security numbers, proof of income, landlord references, and other information.

Housing Choice Voucher

JHC administers 475 Housing Choice Vouchers in Jackson County, allowing approximately 1,160 people and 455 families to utilize HUD subsidy to

find suitable housing of the family’s choice in the private rental market.

The Section 8 Waiting list is currently CLOSED. No applications are currently being accepted. 

New applications are only accepted once the Waiting List is open. When the Waiting List is open, instructions on how to submit an application are advertised on this website, in the local newspaper and throughout the City. At the end of the application period, JHC conducts a public lottery to determine the applicant’s placement on the Waiting List.

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